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Photo gallery

Photos from rehearsals
National Theatre Brno - Mahen Theatre 2006 - premiere
Znojmo 2007 - When I dance with Beethove
City Theatre Brno 2007 - Appalachian Spring
City Theatre Brno 2007 - Carnival of Animals
National Theatre Brno - Mahen Theatre 2006 - When I dance with Beethoven
Performance in Děčín 2008
Choreographic rehearsal with Vladimir Goncharov
Performance in Hradec Kralové 2008
Brno, theatre Polárka 2008 - Dancing world
Cristina Perera 2008
Dance for ... orthopedy, Polarka 16. 4. 2009
Údolí suchých kostí
Dancing world - Prostejov
Summer dance school 2009
Tercius vesper MAXIMVS
Primus vesper MAXIMVS
Secundus Vesper MAXIMVS