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About us

Dance Theatre MAXIMVS

The Dance Theatre MAXIMVS was established in 2004 and since then it has completed a lot of performances on stages in the Czech Republic as well as in abroad. It offers a high-quality repertoire on high technical and artistic level. Thanks to its background the company is able to work on more and more demanding projects.

Dance Theatre MAXIMVS trainers work not only within this company but   teach also in various workshops and create choreographies in professional and amateur companies. Thus they spread high-class dance technique and audience-friendly choreographies as well as good reputation of the company and its co-workers.

There is a number of prominent dancers from the Czech Republic and from abroad who cooperate with our company: Joe Alegado /USA/, Simona Lepoldova - a former soloist of the National Theatre, Vladimir Goncarov - a ballet soloist in Usti nad Labem, Rastislav Letenaj /SK/ - an artistic leader of the Dance Theatre Bralen in Bratislava, Cristina Perera /Brazil/ etc.

The members of the Dance Theatre MAXIMVS are mainly university students who devote themselves to work in the company with professional approach. For this group of young people dance has become more than a hobby. They are able to accomplish a high-quality performance on prestigious stages, e.g. the National Theatre in Brno.

The artistic leader and internal choreographer of the company is David Strnad, a former long-standing dancer, teacher and choreographer of the Dance Theatre Bralen in Bratislava /SK/, now teaching at Janacek´s Academy of Musical Arts in Brno. He is also an external choreographer of several theatres in the Czech Republic and abroad. Every year hundreds of amateur and professional dancers in the Czech Republic and abroad improve their dance skills under his leadership. He has cooperated with dance trainers and choreographers such as Bruce Taylor /USA/, Joe Alegado /USA/, Rastislav Letenaj /SK/, Olga Letenajova /SK/, Cristina Perera /Brazil/, Libor Vaculik /CZ/, Ervin Varga /H/ etc. Within his dance activities he has danced or taught on prestigious stages in the Czech Republic and abroad: Czech Republic, Slovakia, Hungary, Poland, Austria, Italy, Germany, Greece, Finland, USA.

Since the beginning the Dance Theatre MAXIMVS has been created as a company, its first aim is to present its work to professional and non-professional public on the highest level of artistic and performance quality. The choice of name of the theatre should imply that the theatre is not going to experiment with the audience but that its aim is to present a comprehensible and maximum-polished dance performance.

In the process of its activity the company has managed to create more than three hours of repertoire, which has been performed at prestigious festivals and in well-known theatres. A full-length performance called "When I Dance with Beethoven" was created for a musical festival in Znojmo. A special feature and boast of this choreography is a live musical interpretation right on the stage by an excellent pianist Miroslav Sekera. Two other choreographies "Appalachian Spring" (music by Aaron Copland) and "Carnival of Animals" (Camillle Saint-Saens) were created in cooperation with the orchestra of the City Theatre Brno for the 42nd year of an international musical festival Moravian Autumn. The company uses a wide range of dance techniques and for that reason choreographies in its repertoire vary from ethno over jazz up to classical dance. Thus attractiveness of the programme for general public is guaranteed without the necessity of using commercial elements.

The company presents its art not only in the Czech Republic but also abroad in the form of full-length performances or as a guest with composed performances after being invited by associated companies, theatres or festivals. Within long-term or one-time cooperation the Dance Theatre MAXIMVS comes in contact with prominent dancers and choreographers from the Czech Republic and abroad and with excellent artists in the area of music, theatre or fine arts.

Videos of our repertory is at REPERTORY section.